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Liangshan Tianyu second-hand oil chemical equipment Co., Ltd. Brand
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Liangshan Tianyu second hand oil chemical equipment Co., Ltd. sells the second-hand oil extraction equipment all the year round. It is the largest grain and oil equipment (secondhand) sales company in the country. Second hand centrifuge, second-hand oil equipment, second-hand oil press equipment, second-hand Dish Centrifuge, second-hand expansion machine, second-hand leaching equipment, second-hand 100 tons leaching, second-hand plate and frame filter, second-hand 50 tons leaching, second-hand 30 tons leaching, second-hand drying machine, second-hand drying filter, second-hand oil press, second-hand vibrated fluidized bed, used leaves Chip filter, second-hand separator, used disc centrifuge, used salad oil equipment, used biodiesel equipment, used heat transfer oil stove. The main products are 200A-3 oil press, 202-3 prepress machine, 240 type and 204 type pre press machine 100cmx150cm pair roll, hydraulic rolling mill, dryer, vibrating vulcanization dryer, plate frame hair oil filter, centrifuge, deodorizing can, decolorizing tank, refining tank, soap free machine, mixing machine, heating tank, dehydrator, 28-36 shell. Machine, round screen, vibrating screen, flat screen, crusher, dewatering machine, steaming machine, reducer, condenser, vertical cage, flat cage, hoist and so on, 15-300 tons of oil leach workshop, salad oil workshop, hydrogenated oil workshop, treatment workshop, refining workshop, 1-6 tons of oil guide, steam boilers, generating sets, various types of oil press Machine, pre press machine accessories, complete model. It also runs all kinds of velvet machine, baling machine, cotton gin, loom and spare parts. All second-hand equipment are imported, domestic famous brand products such as: Alfa, Jiangsu Taixing grain and oil machinery factory, Anlu grain and oil machinery factory, Dalian Zhuanghe machinery factory, Shanghai grain and oil machinery factory, Harbin grain and oil machinery factory, Changzhi grain and oil machinery factory, Shaanxi grain and oil machinery factory, etc. For years, the company has always insisted on "winning the market with the price, winning the customers with the promise, winning the future with the quality, and doing everything in good faith to make our company the largest used oil in the country" for many years. One of the market for fat equipment.
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