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Shandong Dongsheng Electronic Instrument Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in R & D and manufacturing of electrochemical analytical instruments. Its main products are trace element analyzer and polarography. The product has six national patents, and has the characteristics of high sensitivity, good repeatability, high accuracy, only need micro sample, convenient manipulation and so on. Leading in the field of electrochemical analytical instruments. Xu Jianmin, a leader, has over twenty years of experience in the development and manufacture of electrochemical analytical instruments, and has developed the application of new technology. In the first country, the potential stripping technology was developed into a commercial instrument and promoted by thousands of users. The standard method for determination of lead in blood was developed by the Occupational Disease Prevention Institute of China Academy of preventive medicine (CDC), WS/T21-1996, and WS/T19-1996 in urine. Taking part in a number of national and industrial standards setting, the first large-scale electrochemical analysis method was introduced into the field of trace element detection, and the leading enterprises and products developed were awarded a series of titles and awards. Now, the new enterprise has another innovative business. The company insists on original innovation, does not make low-level duplication, owns a number of independent intellectual property rights, has authorized two patents for electrochemical analysis instruments, four new utility models, and another invention patent is under examination. There are also many enterprises own technology. For example, to control the potential stripping rate, the charge current digital control compensation, and do electrochemical polarography and dissolution analysis in the micro solution (0.5 - 1ml). After years of accumulation, the product is unique and distinctive. It can be applied to physical chemistry test, trace element analysis and liquid chromatograph matching, teaching and scientific research.
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