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Feicheng Jinta group is located in the old times, the Buddha Peach Town - Shandong city of Feicheng Province, east of the Taishan mountain, south of Confucius's hometown of Qufu, west of Liangshan, north of the capital city of Ji'nan. The group is the country's largest alcohol, fuel ethanol and DDGS high protein feed a full set of equipment manufacturing factory, the national high-tech enterprises, chairman of the association of Chinese alcohol factory, national quality and credibility of double assurance demonstration units, one or two countries, three types of pressure vessel design and manufacturing unit, the Provincial Technology Center, Shandong provincial civilized unit, Shandong civilized credit enterprise of Shandong Province, the enterprise harmonious labor relations. The group enjoys the right to import and export. It is a professional production plant for oil, chemical, biological, pharmaceutical and starch equipment.

group: Jinta Machinery Co. Ltd., Jinta alcohol chemical equipment Co., Jinwei Machinery Co. Ltd., Taixi nonwoven material Co. Ltd., chemical packing factory, pearl business limited and Traders Hotel. There are more than 1500 employees, 388 senior engineers and technicians, 15 top technicians in provincial and municipal level, and a large joint-stock private enterprise group integrating science, engineering and trade.

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Addr:   [db: province]  [db: city]  No. 044 Tai Lin Road, Feicheng, Shandong