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Henan Machinery Institute of mechanical equipment Limited by Share Ltd in Henan province machinery design and Research Institute Co. Ltd., relying on the formation of the province of professional institutions engaged in professional industrial solid waste materials application equipment and integrated reuse equipment research, in June 2008 by the provincial science and Technology Commission organized by experts. The company has strong technical strength, professional technology, reasonable layout, complete management system of scientific research and production base, have their own, be able to bear the mechanical design and manufacture, autoclaved fly ash brick production line, environmental engineering, mechanical engineering, heavy mining machinery, electronic systems engineering and other large and medium-sized molding project design, manufacture, construction with the installation work. At present, our company's leading product key and important equipment of steam pressure, brick production line automation for large fly ash include: JYM series of automatic hydraulic fly ash brick machine, JMP series automatic stacking machine, JXJ series adjustable continuous feeding type digestion chamber, JBDC high performance car ferry and steam car, car bottom line machine, traction machine, mobile hoist, various ancillary equipment such as fixture.
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