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 Beijing Fuxing Hong Zhan Technology Development Co., Ltd. Brand
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Beijing Fuxing Hong Kong extrusion plastic plate equipment Co., Ltd. (extruded plate equipment manufacturer) specializes in producing XPS extruded plate equipment - XPS extrusion line production line - XPS extruded sheet machinery - extruding plate equipment - extruded plate production line - extruded plate mechanical equipment private joint-stock enterprise, is also the first cold cold area to produce XPS equipment development enterprises, after the unremitting efforts of scientific research personnel, the equipment has reached and has surpassed the advanced level at home and abroad. The company provides the whole production line and production process with "nanny" service, including machine installation, commissioning and personnel training. It also promises that the products produced are fully in line with the requirements of national GB/T1084-2 (insulation extruded polystyrene foam). At the same time, production and sale of hair machine, cotton gin, slot machine, slotting machine (open swallow tail slot, trapezoidal trough, etc.). A large number of ordinary extruded panels, flame-retardant extruded panels, B1 grade extruded panels, A-class fire-resistant phenolic modified insulation boards are also available.
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Addr:   [db: province]   [db: city]   North Gate Industrial Park, South Majuqiao, Yizhuang Development Zone