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Wang electronic (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in the sensor and transmitter design and development, sales of high-tech enterprises, located in Zhongguancun Beijing science and Technology Park, with many famous colleges and aerospace institutes work closely together to track industry international development trends and research the market shortage of high and new, difficult type transmitter, provide the most cost-effective high, mid-range products for domestic users. We have a number of scientific research talents and management talents with high quality and high research and development ability. Scientific management of the company, strict product quality, product quality tracking service. The company is equipped with product development and product complete set center to provide automatic engineering design, installation, debugging and integrated services for users. The main products are: production and sale of signal isolator, temperature, pressure (explosion-proof, high temperature), liquid level, flow, ultrasonic level gauge, speed, load, smoke, displacement and other sensors, all kinds of intelligent control instruments. The company's products are characterized by advanced technology, mature technology, stable performance, reliability, high accuracy and long service life. The technical indicators meet the technical standards of similar products abroad, and can completely replace imported products, which has a high performance price ratio. Our products have been widely used in municipal, chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, environmental protection, telecommunications, metallurgy, water treatment, aerospace, crude oil transportation, ship manufacturing, food and other industrial fields. The quality of the products is greatly appreciated by the people in the industry, such as instruments, instruments and sensors. The purpose of the enterprise is to seek survival by quality, to develop with good faith, to be people-oriented, and to foster virtue with sincerity. Business philosophy: professional integrity. Honesty: the foundation of all cooperation represents success and benefit. Enterprise culture: make people first, then do things later. Business goals: to create a hundred years brand in.
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