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Beijing excellent cold Technology Co Ltd is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to R & D, a phase change cold storage materials production, sales and service in one of the companies to provide cold chain facilities, ice bag, cold storage preservation box products and cold chain technology services, and opened the domestic and foreign express delivery services at low temperature. Company production of ice, biological medicine to use cold insulation box, biological safety transportation box, PCR ice boxes and other products are widely used in biological medicine, scientific research institutes, health care and low temperature logistics enterprises; thermal insulation box for a variety of fast food is for the catering enterprises, widely used by students nutrient food distribution center, solves the problem of a small amount of goods in in short distance transport temperature control problem. Innovation, people-oriented, customer first is our consistent aim and pursuit. Beijing gifted cool Technology Co. Ltd. will as in the past to scientific rigor, cordial and considerate service for you to solve all kinds of problems encountered in the cold chain transportation.

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