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Botou Dong Jie dust removal equipment Co., Ltd. has 20 years of experience in industrial dust removal. It has been widely applied in dust collecting system and conveying system of bag filter. It is used in various industries such as steelmaking, casting, cement, mineral processing, thermal power plant, boiler, chemical industry, coking, mixer, grinding wheel, packing machine, crusher, rubber, dryer, asphalt mixing plant, ceramics, wood, flour, polishing, brake block, calcium carbide furnace, flue gas treatment, dust control and so on. The company has excellent geographical location, strong technical force of bag filter, strict quality assurance of quality parts such as dust collecting cloth bags, first-class service after sale, won favorable comments from users, and the company has good cooperation with well-known Steel Corp, ThermoElectron Corporation, cement and thermal power plants. 东捷公司主要产品:除尘设备(布袋除尘设备、旋风除尘设备,湿式除尘设备)、布袋除尘器(PL单机布袋除尘器、DMC单机脉冲布袋除尘器、PPC气箱式脉冲布袋除尘器、ZC机械回转反吹扁布袋除尘器等)、除尘布袋(常温除尘布袋、中温除尘布袋,高温除尘布袋)、涤纶针刺毡除尘滤袋、防静电除尘滤袋、除尘骨架(圆形除尘骨架、弹簧除尘骨架、梯形除尘骨架)、星型卸料器、电磁脉冲阀、脉冲控制仪、气缸、旋风除尘设备;输送设备:螺旋输送机、埋刮板输送机、FU链式输送机、斗式提升机、双轴粉尘加湿搅拌机、单轴粉尘加湿搅拌机、双层重锤翻版卸灰阀等,且提供布袋除尘器设计、布袋除尘器选型、布袋除尘器外形图、布袋除尘器地基图,布袋除尘器维修等服务,根据不同工况为您选择相应材质的除尘布袋产品;合理的除尘系统设计,可靠质量的除尘布 Bags and other accessories to extend the service life of the dust bag, reduce the frequency of changing the dust bag bags, and create a healthy working environment for you, is the mission of all employees of Botou East Jie dust removal equipment company. Basing itself on the domestic side, looking at the world, taking honesty as the basis, striving for survival with quality, developing with credibility, and dedicating to the society with the spirit of honesty and innovation, we can dedicate the products of high efficiency, high quality bag filter, dusting cloth bag and so on. The East Jie dust removal equipment company is willing to work hand in hand with all the colleagues and friends in order to protect the only earth of mankind and create common water and blue sky for all mankind to make joint efforts and common development. Welcome new and old customers call letter consultation consultation!
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