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Hebei Botou Xinyu measuring tool factory is located in Botou, south of Tianjin. Botou has enjoyed the reputation of "foundry town" in China since ancient times. It has a long history, advanced technology, perfect management and well developed foundry industry. Our factory has developed this advantage. On the basis of accumulating many years of design and manufacture of flat measuring tools, we have adopted new structure, new technology, new technology and high quality casting materials to process various kinds of measuring tools such as cast iron plates. Our products have reasonable design, stable structure, high precision and wear resistance. Long service life and so on. The main products of Xinyu gauge include cast iron plate, cast iron platform, flat panel, inspection platform, bridge type flat square, Fang Chi, cast iron square box, T curved box, cast iron bending plate, T type trough bending plate, V type frame, V type iron, granite platform, granite ruler, flat ruler, parallel ruler, magnesium aluminum level ruler, knife edge ruler, horizontal ruler, frame type level meter, deflection pendulum, deflection detector, gear jumping tester, adjusting pad iron, vibration proof pad iron, sine gauge, smooth limit hole gauge and other steel measuring tools and granite measuring tool series design, development, manufacture and sale.

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