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Lange is located in Baoding national hi tech Industrial Development Zone, and has a good working environment and standard production workshop. It has high-quality R & D team and reliable technical means. Since the United States meiruihua international enterprises to join the company, enterprises with more advanced technology, abundant capital and new management ideas, to provide better technical service and product support for users at home and abroad. Since 1997, Baoding Lange constant flow pump Co., Ltd. is committed to the development and production of micro precision pumps and magnetic agitators. For several years, Lange has won the user's recognition with high quality products and high quality and efficient service. At present, Lange's products have been widely used in the fields of biochemical, pharmaceutical, fine chemical, environmental protection and so on, and have reached the leading level in China. Professional R & D and production of high-quality peristaltic pump (constant flow pump precision pump hose pump) gear pump magnetic stirrer injection pump head filling system (pump) for hose and OEM in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, biomedical, beer, papermaking, ceramics, building, mining, water treatment and other industries
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