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Italy Yi Ma (IMAL) China Liaison Office Brand
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"Yima" * * * * sheet quality first * * * * * * ****** Italy IMAL company, founded in 1970, is a world-famous manufacturer of wood-based panel machinery. Professional products for sheet quality control equipment the most complete world, in the development of mixed with glue / gum / sizing equipment, is the "first imam" It mainly includes: IMAL sizing system On-line DPX200 X optical cross section density testing equipment (fiber hygrometer) On-line thickness detection controller (on-line densimeter) On-line X-ray density detection and analysis equipment IMAL surface wetting water spraying device AutoLab full automatic intelligent laboratory Universal testing machine (IMAL pull machine IB400 and IB600) DPX200 laboratory section density analyzer (profile density tester, densimeter, tester, density distribution tester, density gradient tester) UM2000 fast humidity analyzer (rapid fiber hygrometer for laboratory) Vu100 ultrasonic screening instrument ROC100 glossiness detector Spark detection and automatic fire extinguishing system
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