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Alice Italy Investments International Ltd Brand
Business Model
I is a set design, production, sales integration enterprise. The company's "Alice" shoe brands sold in Europe and America area, Is now officially in the Chinese. The brand originated in the beautiful alpine Adige River, pregnant with the world's top design master. We has always been to high-quality, high-grade enjoyment for the ideas, the Italy design of play to the extreme, Adhering to the "Adige. Very beautiful - not fashionable to say goodbye" and "Adige. Health movement more health" marketing idea, service in the vast number of customers. You may be right "a very beautiful and a health" this brand is not familiar with, but love fashionable you may have been concerned about it. A very beautiful shoes advocate "wearing" art ", leading to enjoy" from the angle of art fashion sense, the finest leather art processing, Decoration design with fashion. Still maintain a high price in terms of performance, such as tailor-made comfort. This is a design from Italy. < /
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