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China e ORNAMENT 2 yuan wholesale franchise center Brand
Business Model
E Macrames 2 yuan |2 yuan in the supermarket store franchise headquarters based in Yiwu, relying on the basis of "Yiwu commodity market", adhere to the "shop 2 yuan |2 yuan supermarket distribution as the basis, and 5 yuan yuan, 2 yuan supermarket chain development strategy operation", adhering to the "product updates for the pilot to to ensure the" marketing idea to extend the service, with the advantage of professional experience and distribution of more than 3500 square meters, more than 300 square meters warehouse image of the exhibition hall for 8 years, all over the country every 2 yuan to 2 yuan shop operators and business shop major customers service colleagues.
Main Products
Contact information
Contact:   Mr. Yang
Addr:   China  China  490 South Road, Yiwu City