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Lois (Chinese: Luoyi Shi), founded by GAD international relations agency, started in Spain in 1962, co founded by MANUEL and JOAQUIN SAEZ MERINO, and gave LOIS brand a special meaning. As a pioneer in bringing jeans into Spain, LOIS is a professional denim manufacturer from design, weaving, dyeing, manufacturing and marketing. The success of LOIS is attributed to the concept and the use of trademarks behind the products. The LOIS, which is Bulls' trademark, is regarded as a national treasure brand just like Spain's national technology bullfight, and the spirit of "LOIS" is also like the struggle, untiring efforts, and never ending.

In 1970s, LOIS brand was named one of the four largest brands in the world by the world famous magazines such as Financial, Times, Fortune and so on. Today, LOIS has dozens of designers, offering hundreds of products every quarter. The design style is more internationalized and personalized, breaking through the image of cowboy, and becoming a young brand in Europe. Its brand footprint has been spread in more than 70 countries. LOIS consumer group positioning is a group of ideals, self respect, freedom, hardworking, passionate life, decadent groups against violence, indulgence and drift with the tide. So LOIS's mouth is: "not everyone is in line with LOIS!"

In China, more and more consumers feel the unique charm of LOIS and experience the synchronism of international fashion. At present, we can find LOIS counters in Yansha friendship mall, Jin Yuan, Yansha, SOGO SOGO, Yansha outlets, Beijing.

In the brand promotion of LOIS, in addition to recruiting general distributors in various regions (to apply for the production of local jackets), and from this year onwards, LOIS will also make related products such as: jewellery, leather goods, bags, hats, shoes, socks, children's wear, underwear, stationery, and pile products. Other branches give strong manufacturers in China, so that they not only have the right to produce, but also have the right of distribution in the country. As LOIS has been in the more than 70 countries around the world, it can make use of these international channels to export products from different fields and styles to take risks and agents to become global suppliers through horizontal product extension and vertical regional integration.

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