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 Guangzhou Ying Tuo Trading Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
S, 2;.SQUARE for young people who have always been walking on the front line with a keen sense of fashion, they are not strangers to.S, 2;.SQUARE opened their first store in Hongkong in August 1993, and developed rapidly because they can grasp the needs and orientation of young people in a timely and accurate manner.
By 1996, S 2;.SQUARE not only opened many branches in Hongkong, but also stepped out of the first step in the Chinese market, and opened retail stores in many department stores and downtown areas in Guangzhou. After years of continuous development, dozens of S, 2,.SQUARE branches have been set up in major cities across the country, including Taiwan, Hongkong, Beijing, Shanghai and other places, and have successfully occupied an important seat in Hongkong and mainland fashion retailers.

S 2;.SQUARE is constantly changing new designs in order to cater for the changing tastes of young people who are keen to pursue the times and have a keen sense of fashion trends, especially in design, cloth and choice.

S, 2;.SQUARE has its own factory building, which mainly produces light clothing for men and women, including knitted, T-Shirts, vests, jackets, suits, trousers, dresses, skirts, handbags and wallets. Besides, there are also many long-term cooperative manufacturers, which guarantee that they can provide enough goods in time, and diversified styles can give customers more choices.
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