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 Zhejiang Haining Kashi Phoenix Color fur garment processing factory Brand
Business Model
Our company is a professional manufacturer of fur clothing products, and has strong technical strength and production capacity. The main products are all kinds of fashionable fur clothing, shawls, scarves, hat edges, collar, bags, etc. at the same time, the company carries on domestic and foreign materials processing, closely following the international fur trend. The company pays close attention to internal management, strictly controls the quality of raw materials and production processes, and constantly strengthens the management from all aspects of product design, production to after-sales service, and the idea of "seeking new opportunities, creating new products and winning new products" has made a qualitative leap in the development of varieties. With China's accession to the WTO, international trade is bound to flourish. Our company, while basing itself on the domestic market, is actively exploring foreign markets, and has won the attention of domestic and foreign merchants for its excellent workmanship and superior quality.
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Contact:   Zhu Y J
Addr:   China   China   No. 5 Dongsheng Road, Haining