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 Jie Lian Hua Brand
Business Model
The "jlilianhua" brand underwear produced by the company is made up of: Italy jemlianhua international dress (Hongkong) Co., Ltd., authorized by Shanghai CI hang senior dress Co., Ltd. as the general agent of production and sales in mainland China. All products are newly designed by Italy designers and manufactured by Italy dedicated Seiko equipment. European sentiment, romantic warmth, rich series of medium and high grade autumn and winter underwear, created a new generation of fashion brand in China.
"Jellianhua" underwear is designed with natural, healthy, comfortable and environment-friendly people-oriented concept. It emphasizes the constant use of the latest technology to create the trend of fashion underwear in China.
Main Products
Contact information
Addr:   China   China   Shanxi Taiyuan clothing city jiimei famous dress 1 floor 33