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Kang Heng clothing is an enterprise which is mainly designed to produce high-grade suits and uniforms of enterprises and institutions. After many years of arduous struggle, the company has made great progress in product quality, personnel quality and economic strength. The company has modern garden type factory buildings, international advanced production equipment and whole production process, and adopts advanced special equipment and full production process, and adopts advanced CAD computer aided design and plate making.
In management, companies actively implement market competition is the principle of talent competition and product quality is the life of enterprises. In addition, in order to ensure the quality of products, we have specially hired famous design and industry experts to engage in product development and technical consultancy, so that every garment produced by the company must be meticulously carved, so as to lay the foundation for further development of enterprises.
As the general manager of Hong Heng clothing company, I welcome you to choose our service, and I solemnly promise to you: "every garment you customize can get excellent design and first-class craft." The excellent quality of "Kangheng" clothing guarantees your satisfaction. I firmly believe that our service will surely promote the common development between you and me.
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