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 Inner Mongolia Shiqi industrial Limited by Share Ltd Brand
Business Model
Inner Mongolia Shiqi industrial Limited by Share Ltd was founded in October 9, 1998. It is a joint stock company founded by Inner Mongolia Shiqi group as the main sponsor. Mainly engaged in the production of high-end suits, worsted fabrics and the production, sale and research and development of combed wool tops and chemical fibers. The main products are Shiqi brand suits, worsted fabrics and wool tops. The company's "odd" trademark has become a well-known trademark in China. In June 8, 2000, Shiqi industrial stock was successfully listed on the Shanghai stock exchange. The stock company has 100 million shares of legal person shares, and 75 million shares of public stock are publicly issued to the public, with a total capital stock of 175 million shares.
Inner Mongolia Shiqi industrial Limited by Share Ltd has formed a dragon industry chain from wool processing, worsted fabric weaving, clothing production to sales. The company takes science and technology as the guide, takes the lead in introducing the world's leading clothing CAD and automatic hanging production line technology, and attaches great importance to the development of high quality and high technology content. All the relevant member enterprises have passed ISO9002 quality system certification. Excellent equipment, exquisite workmanship, scientific management, and three hundred and ninety processes have made the "suit" suit keep up with the international fashion trend. At present, Shiqi industrial Limited by Share Ltd produces 300 thousand sets of medium and high class Western-style clothes, 30% of its products are exported to Japan, the United States and other international markets, and its market share in Japan has remained stable at 1%. In China, there are 22 branches, more than 300 sales outlets, and all kinds of stores in large and medium-sized cities all over the country.

Inner Mongolia Shiqi industrial Limited by Share Ltd takes the natural resources of the autonomous region as the basis and takes the road of standardization and scale development. We should invest in technological transformation to raise the level of technology, enhance the potential for development, realize the organic combination of product operation and capital operation, speed up capital expansion, intensify brand building, and make "Shiqi" brand a world famous brand. Shiqi brand will eventually move towards the world and enhance the status of Chinese dress culture.

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