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Beautiful beauty fashion Co., Ltd. has been committed to the brand fur fashion and leisure fashion agents for many years, providing consumers with a series of fashionable styles with unique styles and styles, which has won the praise of consumers.
In 1999, the beautiful fashion fashion company limited joined the Hongbo brand agency center, and joined hands with many businessmen to provide a broad track for the consumers in the whole province to follow the fashion trend and buy their own unique style of fashion.
After joining Hongbo brand agency center, the beautiful fashion fashion Co., Ltd. has launched the Taiwan fashion casual fashion which is leading the twenty-first Century fashion, including more than ten series of leisure fashions such as "conceited", "lie prone", "FIDO-DIDO" and "COCORABBIT". Unique design ideas, personalized, fashionable flu, pure cotton texture, so that you can make a unique personality.

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Contact:   Xin Chun Yan
Addr:   China   China   Hongbo Plaza, brand agent center, zone B, No. 23.