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Tebbldi (TEBALDI) founded in 1996, has been launched on the market tebbldi brand series of casual sportswear and T-shirts, by domestic and foreign sports enthusiasts and consumers alike. The company has strong strength, with excellent quality and popular design. It is the first choice for the domestic enterprises, organizations and groups to hold every sports meeting. Tebbldi brand by public recognition, quality first-class. Launched in 2001 and tebbldi children series, with a unique taste, tebbldi beyond the design limitations of the domestic brand clothing development, gradually to the world, won the majority of domestic and foreign customers favor. The "truth-seeking, innovation, quality and efficiency" is the tebbldi company spirit of enterprise, adhere to the first-class service, reputation first, trade management and production management and, with his talent and tireless efforts, with high quality to win the trust of people, to win the trust of the society.
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