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Hua Liu Qianmen warp knitting factory, Changle, Fujian Brand
Business Model
Company profile: our factory is a homegrown industry and trade integration, have a certain strength and size of private enterprises, with dozens of German imports of KENAL warp knitting machine, more than 50 employees, sales offices in many parts of the country. 1: flame retardant function: after knitting fabric, flame retardant treatment can be achieved, the degree of fire prevention, as you how to burn, not fire, can only dissolve.
2: after the shaping function of products, appearance neat and orderly, is no longer a crooked, soft and not neat, wrinkled.
3 function: as everyone knows, the local dyeing the dyeing quality of the famous famous ingredients Division has several high level, as long as you provide the color sample in our high temperature and high pressure (up to 240) under the action of equipment, long time dyeing, we can make you satisfactory dyed a variety of colors for your color, durability can reach the national standard of grade 4 ----8 or more, will not fade.
4 European nitrogen function: through the product of the European nitrogen treatment, it will remove the toxic ingredients contained in the chemical fiber wire to achieve the purpose of environmental protection.
5 soft and wrinkle proof: the processed products are very soft, and allow you to knead and wash again and again without wrinkles.
6 resin: after the resin products, according to your requirements, you can make all kinds of hardness that meets your requirements, and after that, the products will be kept for a long time after baking at high temperature.
if you have warp knitted mesh it is difficult to buy or strange and eccentric, wish to send our samples, we will be happy to serve you.
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