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 Shanghai matien Textile Co., Ltd Brand
Business Model
Shanghai matien Textile Co., Ltd. is a professional import and export company specializing in the import and export of clothing, bedding and handicrafts. It has established a good partnership with many Italian companies such as jtatessil, world S.A.S., etc., to carry out the sales work of international clothing brands in mainland China, and form a sales network in China.
Jtatessil, world S.A.S and other Italian companies are multinational group companies specialized in selling world-class brand-name clothing, with a logistics volume of about 2 million pieces per year in all parts of the world. The brands authorized to our company are Giorgio Armani, Fendi, trustardi, D & G, Ferre, Cerruti 1881, Prada, versus, Versace, boss, Zegna, CHANLE, Gucci, DKNY, CK, CD, burrery, Roberto
Cavalli, Alexandre McQueen, pal Zileri, Paul & shark, etc.
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Contact:   john king
Addr:   China   China   11d2, Sanhe building, 121 Yanping Road, Shanghai