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 PARIM optical (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. Brand
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PARIM fashion sunglasses, founded in 1992, has been operating for eighteen years. PARIM has been following the romantic European style. It combines many elements such as fashion, elegance, comfort, durability and so on. With high quality lenses and spectacle frame materials, aiming at the facial features of Oriental people, it constantly changes into the comfort, durability and fashion sense of glasses, leading the fashion trend of domestic sunglasses, creating a fashionable and elegant brand image, and always occupying a higher share of the market, becoming a famous brand of domestic sunglasses.


PARIM brand has won many awards since its establishment: "the only designated Sunglasses goods in the Xiamen Pavilion of Expo 2010"; "China's most growing national Sunglasses brand"; "Fujian famous brand products"; Beijing's "quality 10000 Li" activity was selected as "consumer's trustworthy products"; "Xiamen famous trademark" and so on.


And many times as the domestic fashion model competition: "miss Hainan World contest", "China International Automobile super model finals", "the tenth CCTV model TV Competition (Strait competition area)" designated the only Sunglasses brand. At the same time, the domestic fashion, women's magazines "Ruili", "city beauty", "taste", "style", "MISS modern fashion" have all the relevant recommendations and reports of PARIM brand.

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It is a professional eyeglasses product with nearly 20 years of experience.

It is a leading brand of China's glasses industry with both fashion and function.

It is a fashionable accessory with high cost performance and is a necessity of fashion life.

It is also an advocate of elegant, intelligent and noble minded fashion lifestyle.

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