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 Shanghai olive Garment Co., Ltd. Brand
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Shanghai upvin Garments Co., Ltd. is a new fashion brand from Italy. It belongs to the subsidiary of Ryan group. The joint venture between Italian company and the company is mainly responsible for the brand promotion in mainland China. Its brand is designed with an Italian style. It is mainly divided into ALL series and ONE series men's clothing brand with unique taste. At the very beginning, the original brand was dedicated to the realization of the goal: ALL FOR ONE adheres to the modern aesthetic concept, simple fashion, original design and easy to wear design concept, from the design inspiration of new technology and art trend, combined with the requirements and views of customers, presenting a unique style of dress for modern urban men.

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Contact:   Marketing Department
Addr:   China   China   Room 209, block 11, 3599 lane, seven Shen road, Minhang District, Shanghai