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Shanghai costun Garment Co., Ltd. is a professional menswear production base, widely absorbing different cultures from East and West, and finally forming a unique temperament and romance. The company pays attention to brand cultivation and management, and deduces the story of a successful man, manifests the life of men in the struggle, and designs a brand-new way of life. To provide them with a wealth of products, but also to provide a culture, a spirit, a taste, a way of life. Advocate individuality, encourage innovation, and advocate the spirit of enterprise with boundless struggle.

The costumes are characterized by accurate market positioning, unique personality design, sophisticated technology and competitive brand advantage. They have high brand awareness and market coverage in fierce market competition.

At present, the company has formed a sales network system in large and medium-sized cities. Its market share has increased year by year. It has been recognized and loved by people from all walks of life for its exceptional quality and reasonable price. It is our constant goal to establish excellent corporate image and brand awareness. Our aim is: scientific and standardized management, create high-quality brand clothing, promise to keep promise, satisfy customers' fashion demand, decorate the real goodness and beauty of the world with high quality brand costumes, use the warm service to lift the sun of the enterprise, set up the idea of clothing brand first, follow the scientific management concept, realize the goal of customer demand first, and create a enterprising and enterprising corporate image. We uphold the unity of individuality and commonness, fashion and dignity.

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