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The clothing brand of Chuan Yue is one of the famous brands of Hongkong new world capital construction investment group. The new world was founded in 1970 by Dr. Zheng Yutong and was listed on the stock exchange of Hongkong in 1972. There are more than 60 thousand people in the group. After more than 20 years of operation and development, the group's core business has expanded from its initial real estate to hotel investment, infrastructure, clothing, building engineering, telecommunications and transportation. The new world development is one of the four largest real estate developers in Hongkong. The Hongkong Convention and Exhibition Centre, built by the group, is one of the largest and most distinctive commercial centers in Hongkong.
Green field is committed to the design, production and sales of products, including clothing, shoes, bags, accessories and outdoor products selected fashion retail chain brands. The group's existing brand "Sichuan Vietnam", "brother" and "Bally"
"And many other internationally renowned brands, and have sole proprietorship and joint venture holding companies in Guangdong, Beijing and Shanghai respectively. Group under the jurisdiction of Dongguan Green Clothing Co., Ltd., Shanghai Dan Yuan Industrial Co., Ltd., Beijing Dadong Development Co., Ltd. New world (Hongkong) Investment Development Co., Ltd. set up design and research centers in Piacenza, northern Italy and Paris, France, respectively. The European operations center was set up at 2005 Paris Westin hotel in Europe, and an Asian operation center was set up at the Hongkong middle road Convention Center. The operation center was set up in Guangdong Humen, and a Chinese production base was established in Guangdong Zhongshan. Products are exported to the European Union, North and South America, and Asian countries.
Since its entry into the Chinese market in 2008, Sichuan and Vietnam has grown rapidly and has become a well-known brand in the Chinese apparel industry. The leading brand of the fashion military apparel industry is one of the strongest brands in the apparel industry in recent years.
To promote brand publicity through military elements and create a brand culture of "fashionable army outdoor leisure wear" is the important strategy for brand marketing of Dongguan Chuan Yue Garments Co., Ltd. to create "soldier's plot", "tough guy image" and "heroic appearance".
"Grasp the trend of consumption and let customers make money" is the business philosophy of new world (Hongkong) Investment Development Co., Ltd. Giuseppe Tornatore, a marketing expert of new world (Hongkong) investment and Development Co., Ltd. put forward, "we want to develop the Chinese market with the marketing concept of international brand, so that Chinese franchisees will know how to run the brand and how to make money in the process of brand management and make more money". Dongguan Green Clothing Co., Ltd. plans to select 600 districts in 3 years, 600 stores, counters, franchised stores, 1000 brand life houses and 200 high-end office buildings.
Brand positioning: fully demonstrates the new era of "Sichuan and Vietnam" represents the pursuit of fashion, personality, green environmental protection concept of life; health, masculinity, vitality, success and taste of image interpretation of the "Sichuan and Vietnam" brand cultural connotation.
Consumer group: 18 to 48 years old
Class: vitality, fashion, personality, wisdom, self display of successful urban men and women
Wearing occasions: business, outdoor, life, leisure, sports occasions
Guided by the trend of fashion, we design customers' needs and products with different styles of satisfaction.
The 3 original series meet the needs of different consumer groups.
Urban leisure style: classic, simple, with comfortable and natural fabrics, suitable for any occasion.
Outdoor sports: the style is full of vitality and bold and unrestrained, suitable for urban men and women outdoor friends, group outdoor activities. Fabrics are resistant to electromagnetic waves, water repellent, oil and pollution prevention. They contain flax ingredients, PIUMA cotton, mosquito repellent, moisture absorption and sweat perspiration.
Business casual type: simple and generous, aggressive and elegant. Exquisite fabric, fine workmanship.

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