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Guangzhou sail Garment Co., Ltd. is located in the clothing capital of Guangzhou, China. Its brand "Norma Rui" was founded in 2011 by Ms. Cheng Shijia, a famous professional manager and fashion designer of Southern fashion. It is a fashion Brand Company that integrates design, development, production and sales as a complementary development. After years of concentrating on the service brand in the industry, investors are known as the experts in the field of clothing marketing, and have promoted the training of marketing professionals throughout the country during their tenure. In 2008, he was chosen as the honorary title of the top ten marketing director of Southern fashion. He made his dream go to the famous brand management experts.

In 2011, Guangzhou's "Norma Rui" brand will be strong landing in the Greater China market. The products will gradually cover nearly thirty provinces and autonomous regions in China. In the future, hundreds of "Norma Rui" brand stores, shops, shopping malls, and a number of branches and agencies will be set up. The product is designed with the core of "beauty", giving the existing clothing market strong product visual impact. The company's existing departments are divided into design center, production center, market center, finance department and commodity center. The world's advanced technology has two production lines, and its annual production capacity can reach 500 thousand units (sets). At the same time, Guangzhou SUFE Garments Co., Ltd. has designed, developed, and processed products for several famous women's clothing brands at home and abroad and exported to Germany and Poland.

With a professional team, strict management and excellent equipment, the company aims to create "Norma Rui" fashion series brand women's clothing. As a market operation expert, it shows the charm of management, highlights the spirit of extraordinary, innovative and enterprising spirit, and forms the design and management language of "Norma". The style of all embracing, absorbing all kinds of talents, and nunnu Sichuan will make the design perfect and flexible, and form the design personality and style of Norma.

The legend of fashion and the founder of mythology have always been a new highlight of fashion women's clothing. Confidence ignites hope and hopes achieve lasting results.

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Contact:   Mr. Zhang
Addr:   China   China   No. 104-105, Qinghua Fang business building, north of Xingye Avenue, Panyu District, Guangzhou.