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Shenzhen Zi Mu investment was established in 2010. It is a professional investment and operation institution of fashion brands. It promotes and builds high-end brand of Chinese high-end brand with the professional capital operation and the brand concept of great value, and brings it to the world.

Apart from the operation mode of traditional clothing industry, Zi Mu investment is a comprehensive investment company with fast and effective management system, integrated development, production and marketing integrated operation mode and reasonable and efficient capital operation as the core competition. It is committed to bringing the core concepts and values of fashion brands to high quality life to the people who love beauty. It combines the western fashion and the oriental elegance and elegance perfectly to show the world's self-confidence and fullness brand, and the scope of operation will involve clothing and related fashion fields around it.

At present, the company owns many high-end fashion brands such as "Anlieana (Lena)" and "Mai Xi" and so on, attracting senior investors and fashion people to inject vitality into the brand. Anlieana has created the perfect fusion of elegance and freshness. The new fashion concept interprets the new dress dream for urban women. Mai Xi is committed to creating the middle and high-end brands of the middle aged and senior clothing, taking humanistic care as the basis of brand image, combining elegance with humanism, igniting the humanities and igniting the heart of the sword.

From the deep understanding and accumulation of Chinese fashion brand management, focusing on China's high-end fashion brands, this is the mission of Zi Mu investment.

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