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The Li Lang group, founded in 1987 by Wang's three brothers - Wang Dongxing, Wang Liangxing and Wang Congxing, has pioneered the concept of "business casual" men's wear in China. After more than 20 years of exploration, it has developed into a leading brand of Chinese business men's clothing, which integrates design, product development, production and marketing. It has been named "one of the most potential small and medium enterprises in China" in 2007 and 2008 years by Forbes. The company owns its brand: LILANZ, L2.

"Simple and not simple" is the design philosophy of Li Lang and the core value of Li Lang's meticulous interpretation and interpretation in the past more than 20 years. From the initial "trade-offs, highlighting wisdom" to "more puzzled, less bright" abandoning philosophy, and then to "boundless world, tolerance of mind" is the lofty realm. Every step is explored, contracted and refined together, breaking through with tradition. In the untiring solution, choice and promotion, the simplicity of the Chinese philosophy, which combines the wisdom of China, has become a new and inclusive concept of the world, bringing new experience of brand value to the global business people.

The brand charisma of Li Lang and Zhuo attracts many top designers. In 2002, the ten top designers and designers of China, the highest award of gold top award winner, joined Mr. Ji Wenbo, adding a new spirit to the product design of Li Lang. Its professional design level and international design concept perfectly explained the essence of the brand of "simplicity and not simplicity", and led Li Lang to represent the Chinese men's clothing on the international stage. He made a high-profile appearance in Milan fashion week, Taipei fashion show and Tokyo fashion week, with its perfect interpretation of Chinese elements, giving the world T Taiwan great splendour.

In 2008, Li Lang rebuilt the brand logo LILANG for LILANZ, and the new LOGO design was more concise, atmospheric and international. Based on this brand new change, Li Lang launched the brand internationalization strategy. In 2009, as the mainland's first men's wear brand, Hongkong successfully landed on the international capital market and opened the curtain of capital upgrading of China's men's wear brand. Through the listing of Dongfeng, Li Lang blitz opened up the second battleground L2 to seize the huge market of medium business casual men's wear, promote multi brand operation and foster new growth points. In the future, the company will push ahead with the comprehensive upgrading of company management, marketing channels and brand strategy, participate in the cooperation of various major clothing events, participate in more world top fashion shows, and strengthen the discourse power of the international garment industry.

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