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Chu in Guangzhou Co. Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Men's underwear industry well-known brands in Department of Chu, one of the few domestic outstanding men's underwear store brand, create a men's underwear store brand pioneer. A collection of excellent quality at home and abroad, famous men's underwear brand installed Chu international men within
, which formed the Chu in multi brand personality, wide price range, rich product structure, multi-level consumer groups in Chu brand personality.

in the men's underwear market potential investment much market attention when, in Chu made men's underwear "Gome" mode, access to the domestic and foreign famous men's underwear brand Repeng, Germany Shuya, Taiwan giants, appropriate and great have stationed in chu.
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Contact information
Contact:   Guo Rui
Addr:   China  China  Huangshi Baiyun District Guangzhou West Road, No. 468 building B building 423 Jun day