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Shenzhen Mei Hui Clothing Co., Ltd. (shimbertie) Brand
Business Model

Shenzhen Mei Hui Clothing Co., Ltd., founded in 2007, is the Shenzhen City Hongke Bti Clothing Industry Co., Ltd. is dedicated to “ shimberty ” the brand health form of the national market operation of the marketing center.

was founded in 1999 in Shenzhen hongkirbeck Health Products Co., Ltd. (renamed &ldquo in 2009; Shenzhen Hongke btier apparel industry Co., Ltd. &rdquo). It is one of the earliest enterprises engaged in research and development, production and sales of functional underwear, and its first “ and the health form of shnbti is packed with ” The latest generation of functional foundation underwear, leading the industry to enter the “ &rdquo in health era.   FIGBT shkbti underwear brand full range of products from creative, design, production, product management, logistics and other links strictly follow the safety, punctual, correct principles, and international top fabrics / Accessories / equipment and other suppliers to establish long-term stable and stable cooperative relationship, < / > P>

company has two factories in Songgang, Shenzhen and Ji'an, Jiangxi. It covers an area of more than 40 thousand square meters. It has a history of R & D and production of professional beauty underwear for thirteen years, and has accumulated rich experience in related industries.

company has a professional design system (Japan Asahi design software, computer paper cutting and automatic shipping mark machine), advanced information (ERP) management software, to solve the brand innovation, design, production worries.

in July 2000, we worked with Jie Ershuang hi-tech Co., Ltd. to use its latest antibacterial nanomaterials in the form of underwear and trousers production to make the product a real fit body.

won the honorary certificate of "quality trustworthy product" issued by the Institute of science and information of the Ministry of domestic trade (bureau) and the quality information center of the China Institute of technical supervision and information (China Institute of technical supervision and information) in 2000.


href= underwear brand marketing center — — “ ” Shenzhen Mei Hui Clothing Co., Ltd. since its founding, sincerely advocated “ home ” as the core of the simple cultural system, continuous introduction of people, efforts to build a well versed in the brand operation of “ The intellectual ” the team. The company always revolves around the field of shape, and adopts the independent operation of the model of the enterprise, and has established the “ the &rdquo of the US remittance clothing; the core competitiveness of the core &rdquo with “ the form. It pays attention to &ldquo and ” the design, development, promotion and overall output of the related materials and images of the brand sales, and the establishment of good cooperative relations with the domestic network and the plane media, such as the Huicong network and the bosom sound group, so that the brand becomes the first to enter the large comprehensive department store, and at the present time The domestic brand of functional underwear with the largest number of shopping malls in China, the company has gradually crossed the door of the country, successively in Burma, Singapore and other regions and countries to carry out brand monopoly and well received by consumers.

in 2010, the company carried out a full range of integration and upgrading from inside to bottom and from top to bottom, indicating that the company formally entered the era of brand marketing, which will make &ldquo, shimbeti &rdquo, and the brand has a more standardized brand operation system and a perfect service system.

has been awarded the honorary certificate of "Chinese women and children's favorite brand products" issued by the Chinese women and children's development center in 2010 after years of market inspection and consumer support, &ldquo and &rdquo.

beautiful remittance clothing, “ focus, professional, dedicated to the ” — — focus on the field of body, professional solutions to provide form, focus on the creation of the kingdom of body maintenance.

hand in hand, the essence of beauty!

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Contact:   Miss Li, the marketing department
Addr:   China  China  Room 410, Shanghang building, Hongli Road, Huaqiang North, Futian District, Shenzhen