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Tzi Mei Underwear Ltd is located in the beautiful city of Foshan. It is a modern large-scale underwear manufacturer with design, research and development, production, monopoly, mature sales network, wholesale and franchise. It has experienced fashion designers, human body aesthetics experts, professors and scholars from all over the world, dedicated to the design and research of human health aesthetics underwear. Shape Underwear In 2008, since the foundation of Nanhai Yanbu, a famous lingerie city in China, has been adhering to the "sincere, pragmatic, pioneering and innovative" business philosophy, "based on China, the global radiation" market management strategy, and constantly open up the domestic market. In a short span of a year, the company has 10000 square meters of modern industrial park, more than 1000 square meters office environment, dozens of advanced international underwear production lines, world-class product research and development centers, using the current scientific management mode, the full implementation of the ERP system for management and control, so that the United States in the face of complex and changeable market environment, according to market changes can quickly formulate policies to respond.

Based on its humanized design, exquisite workmanship, high quality fabrics, rich visual effects and comfortable touch, the product is designed to meet the needs of the market in accordance with the characteristics and psychological characteristics of Asian women, and the new underwear series that caters to the market needs, carving jade body, shaping the perfect curve of women and leading the trend of the times.

Tzi Mei underwear aims to provide women with first-class products and strictly adopt the latest international underwear industry standards for production and management. As an underwear enterprise that has won double certification of IS09001 and IS014001 international quality system and international environmental management system in China, "international brand trademark", "ten brands of Chinese underwear", "Guangdong Provincial Consumer Council member enterprise", "quality trustworthy unit" and "quality sound enterprise" have been developed so far.

Tzu Mei underwear will aim at the society with the aim of "international quality, reputation first, service first". We invite friends from home and abroad to join us in shaping the body underwear. We will jointly develop the Asia Pacific market and create a beautiful posture.

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