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Guangzhou San van nore Brand Operation Management Co., Ltd. is a transnational Garment Group Incorporated in Hongkong's Finno international group. It is the only brand agent company in Hongkong, China, and its business in Europe, North America, Australia and Southeast Asia, as well as the major cities in Southern China, East China and North China. Its brands include British St.Fanno, France Fanrari Sport, Spain THE SALAI, and so on. Our products include clothing, leather goods, watches, perfume, ornaments, ceramics, etc.
The company is located in Guangzhou, founded in 1998, as a professional brand agency. It has been specializing in the import agency of clothing brand for many years. Its imported brand products account for more than 1/2 of its proxy brand. The European brand counter / flagship store is represented by all the major cities in the country. She always has the reputation of "EU China Fashion Dress ambassador" and has been named the most influential Brand Company.
The company attaches great importance to brand building and fashion, and sets advanced management concepts, excellent R & D and marketing teams, and strive to promote the development of Chinese fashion men's wear brands.
Britain's top men's clothing brand St.Fanno "San Van"

St.Fanno "to be successful in elegance".

- - founded in 1917
St.Fanno (Saint Valentine's) is the top male clothing brand in Britain. It has always been famous for its elegance and luxury. Flaunt "identity and wealth" as the mainstream of the brand image, become a rich fashionable society to compete for fashion favorite, break through the tradition, fashion and elegant. St.Fanno, who has noble blood, understands men and clothing more carefully from the bottom of his heart. Most followers are not fashion followers, but advocates and advocates of personality. A slightly unruly and harmonious beauty of clothing makes St.Fanno concise and smooth lines, meticulous and luxurious texture, integrated with comfortable and free modern fashion style. It is a combination of elegance and temperament. Just like the man on the night of the night, the sexy is invisible. Bring the original European design into the life of a successful fashion man.
St.Fanno (Saint Valentine's) brand originated from St.Fredneil. It was first founded in 1917 by the Fred Neil MR in PORTSMOTH, England. It was the first boutique to operate jewelry and fine porcelain. Its jewellery and porcelain are treasured by the British royal nobility, and are honored for getting a St.Fanno treasure. Because of the outstanding performance of Fred Neil MR in the design conception, she was loved by the royal nobility and was awarded the St title by the royal family.
In the mid 70s of last century, the St.Fanno brand extended to the noble men's clothing at the peak of the British textile industry, and opened a number of flagship stores in London, Beverly Hills, Paris, Milan and New York.
In 1997, the brand integrated into the design soul of FIT The Fashion Institute of Technology, the famous designer of, and continued to uphold the quality of raw materials and exquisite workmanship, showing the essence of its design to the world with St.Fanno (Saint von) brand, giving the St.Fanno more luxurious brand status and leading the international fashion.
In the recent years of rapid economic development in mainland China, the introduction of international fashion luxury brands such as Zegna Boss, Dunhill LV and so on, has made British St.Fanno see the rise of Chinese fashion. Guangzhou San von St.Fanno Brand Operation Management Co., Ltd. in this particular historical period, negotiations with the British Saint von do many negotiations, reached an agreement by Guangzhou San von Brand Operation Management Co., Ltd. and the British St.Fanno company work together to the British St.Fanno officially entered China, so that more Chinese fashion consumers appreciate the exclusive design of the brand. The top garment industry in Britain has cast the quality of St.Fanno and occupies an absolute leading position in the international men's luxury market.
The 7 letters of St.Fanno (Saint Valentine's) brand contain success success talent genius fashion fashion ardour passion nobility noble nature natural optimism optimism gives men a deeper understanding.
San van non go advantage
1. Advertising
1) television media
2) magazine publications: "fashion gentleman", "aviation magazine", "China clothing news", "clothing business information", "clothing times", "clothing guide", "weekend pictorial" and so on.
3) network clothing network, China clothing net, China brand clothing network, Huayi net, China fashion brand network, San von's official website, and other major apparel industry portal websites.
4) terminal store advertising
2, company support
1) develop local sales plan with customers.
2) provide a unified standard store image design according to the specific circumstances of the customers, and provide decoration guidance under the premise of customer needs.
3) provide free publicity brochures, collocation manuals, POP pictures and mini props.
4) cost price provides hangers and models with brand LOGO.
6) take part in the domestic dress exhibition at irregular intervals.
7) dispatch professional staff to conduct customer visits and sales, sales, image and professional guidance.
3, marketing strategy
1) set up counters or franchised stores in famous brand stores, high-end hotels or prosperous areas in the licensed areas by means of franchising and chain monopolization.
2) product strategy: mainly in the fashion business casual men's style (28-50 years old age), combined with British classical design, fashionable and elegant.
3) price strategy: targeting the medium and high grade products in the middle price, positioning the high-end products in the high-end products, and improving the price competitiveness of the products.
4) channel strategy: brand competition, terminal competition. There are two or three types of shopping malls in a city, two types of shopping malls in one or two cities, three kinds of shopping malls in supermarkets, and special stores or large stores in high grade hotels or prosperous areas.
5) store image strategy: high-end store image positioning, sales of high-end products.
Two. Saint Valentine's terms of Association
1: a good personal quality reputation and a positive attitude towards life.
2: have a sense of identity to the brand culture and business philosophy.
3: brand awareness and brand management experience, entrepreneurial spirit.
4: need to have a certain financial strength, and a good interpersonal relationship network.
5: fill in all the affiliate data according to the company's procedures.
6: according to the company's unified image standard decoration, comply with the company's unified brand management standard.
7: after the company's organizational training and qualifying examination, it will start business.
Three, Saint Valentine's franchise process
1 customer consultation and intention exchange to fill in the application form.
2 negotiate with the company face to face, and submit the business plan.
3 the brand marketing department examines the customers' intention to join the area and determines the management strategy.
4 sign the franchise contract.
5 the company provides the decoration plan and draws up the opening process.
6, the company sends staff to carry out staff training, decoration acceptance, customers start shop preparation.
7 grand opening.
Note: we now have more than 20 city agents to join us. If you do not belong to those areas, then we can cooperate with you.
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