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 Foshan Nanhai Cheng Qi Underwear Co., Ltd. (Fay) Brand
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Fanny is a subsidiary of Foshan Nanhai Cheng Qi Underwear Co., Ltd., and Foshan Nanhai Cheng Qi Underwear Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005. It is located in the South China Sea with the reputation of "famous underwear town in China".

We have designers and professional design teams from all over the world, specializing in the design and research of human health aesthetics underwear. To create the world's advanced underwear brand, the products include bra, underwear, thermal underwear, pajamas, health correction underwear, household clothes, swimsuit and so on. In just a few years, a large modern underwear manufacturer with product design, research and development, production and monopoly sales network has been formed, and the latest standards of international underwear industry have been strictly adopted for production and management. It has won the "quality trustworthy unit" and "national consumer satisfaction brand", a famous brand in China.

In the face of fierce competition in the industry, the company always adheres to the tenet of "sincerity, pragmatism, innovation and win-win", adhering to the business philosophy of "quality tree brand and service with love" to ensure sustained, healthy and rapid development.

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