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Shanghai Xin Di Garments Co. Ltd. Brand
Business Model

Brand name: E-NIYA

Location: pretty sexy clothes and weekend shopping has installed.

main customer location

Age: 20 — 35, the pursuit of fashion and nature of female white collar.

Emphasis on personal taste, pay attention to the quality of life.

Aesthetic view of original, roam freely between the complicated and simple, stylish and implication.

brand concept

The E-NIYA brand to reflect modern romantic concept, reflect the characteristics of leisure life. It advocated the popular not harsh dogma, but taste and fashion the perfect combination. Material and lines is the future of the popular protagonist, collocation and combination is the highest realm of self assertion.

designed cabinet shaped like

L shop decoration on a white background, props to simple straight line, horizontal line based. Rational use of Chen plate and welding frame makes the whole store goods Cuolayouzhi, rich rhythm, combined with fluorescent lamp background light contrast effect virtual rich, the overall style of bright, simple and generous.

LLogo with red and green complementary color collocation, strong stimulation, easy to impress someone, contradiction and unity.

L light color counter background, with series of clothing display colorful, classified by color, to color coordinate overall counter, so full of rhythm and complete and unified.

products feature

L to the brand concept as the basis, different fabric correlation between colour match each other.

L products emphasize sophisticated technology.

L type fluid lines, natural, beautiful, sexy prominent female temperament.

L woven and knitted combination.

The company's products now Shanghai Xujiahui Pacific department store, Pudong etc eight times, Chuansha shopping mall, there are counter.

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