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In France, the brand of lingerpin brand is only straight and direct, and our idea is to succeed in joining a company. Nowadays, people's pursuit of beauty in clothing starts from outside to inside, and the demand for underwear quickly rises. A woman's underwear used throughout her life is roughly 250-300. It can be seen that underwear is a close companion of a woman's life. In the next 5 years, the underwear market will have about 300 billion yuan of consumption space. In the next 10 years, China's underwear market will maintain an annual growth rate of 20%. Under the boom, many underwear manufacturers believe that they can take advantage of themselves, not flaunt their brands in Europe and America, that is, they are leading the technology, resulting in rising prices and rising prices. Many consumers are faced with the following problems: the underwear is sweeping the middle and low consumers, the quality is worrying; some brands known as "brand" underwear are nominal, and the high price is cheating consumers; the international brand designed underwear is too high to exclude the middle and low consumers; otherwise, the design is monotonous, or the price is too high to be accepted. Even after the teeth are grinded, the underwear purchased will be thrown into the wardrobe because of the design incompatibility. In short, these difficulties have plagued many consumers. At this point, consumers can not help sighing: is there no underwear suitable for them? It is a melancholy thing to want. But for investors, it is a business opportunity and business. Qi Lifen brand underwear will enter into China, which will change the underwear monopoly mode. At the same time, we hope you will have more money! Currently joining franchise fee
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