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 Shenzhen deer Garment Co., Ltd. Brand
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Shenzhen City del del Garments Co., Ltd. is a specialized brand clothing company integrating marketing, design, production and clothing companies. The company has strong product design, quality technology and supervision power. The product has been checked by hundreds of processes, and has introduced the world's advanced intelligent clothing news newsprint flow equipment and technology, from selection to planting scissors, from design to production to strive for perfection. The company has maintained a rapid and steady development trend. Its "brand" brand enjoys great reputation in the industry through its excellent quality and perfect service, and is favored by consumers. The company was awarded as one of the ten famous brands in Shenzhen in 1999. "Consumer trustworthy products" won the honorary title of "advanced enterprise" in 2000, and successively won the title of "famous brand" and "quality trustworthy product" in 2001. In 2002, China (Beijing) International Fashion Fair won the award of "best brand image" and other honors.
It contains the essence of western culture - luxury, elegance, and Oriental women's temperament - the perfect combination of aestheticism and implicance, which is finally thoroughly interpreted. The cultural connotation expressed by fashion fully embodies the elegance and tranquility of urban women, and makes fashionable women embody their value in the brand.
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Contact:   Liu Bin
Addr:   China   China   Eight Diagrams three, six buildings of eight diagrams in Bagualing, Shenzhen