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 Edu (Beijing) fashion culture Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Edu (Beijing) fashion culture Co., Ltd. integrates fashion jewelry design, production and sales, and is unique in many domestic jewelry brands. It aims to establish a large-scale chain marketing system for fashion accessories, so that more women can join in the independent, fashionable and unique fashion team advocated by Do.
Edu uses the most advanced network marketing system, combines the power of traditional media, and uses a new concept to create a comprehensive fashion platform dominated by fashion jewelry marketing, after-sales service and monopoly system through a multi-level market structure.
The perfect BtoC online shopping platform enables you to purchase the new accessories of AI Du wherever you are. The efficient BtoB platform provides high quality service guarantee for franchisees across the country, so that franchisees can fully share the brand advantage of AI Du.

Main business:
+ AI fashion portal:
China's first online shopping mall chain system integrating e-commerce websites, urban sub stations and online shops.
+ nationwide "DO fashion accessories" chain stores, urban franchise chain operation system;

Business scope
+ promotion and agency sales of all brand products under AI Du.
Self design, production and sale of all fashion accessories of edu's brand.
+ professional fashion accessories store management guidance, consultation, training, franchise services;

Main Products
Contact information
Contact:   Miss Zhang
Addr:   China   China   F block, triumphant City, Beiyuan Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 601