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 Seduction zone accessories (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Seduction Zone jewelry (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is a group of daily life, clothing accessories, toiletries, entertainment gifts, stationery and sports goods, household goods, daily necessities and other business in one group, and strive to create the "2 yuan storm" the first brand in the country.
The "seduction zone" fashion supermarket aims at the daily life small commodity market of 1 billion 300 million or 400 million families in China. It has ten million kinds of best-selling personal products. It has brought rich investment value and services to customers, and has designed a real low risk and high return mode for investors.
The "temptation zone" fashion supermarket will become the leader of the domestic small commodity chain industry. It will drive the market to improve, promote the mature environment, and make the investors better and better.
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Contact:   Pu Manager
Addr:   China   China   Haidian District, Ting Ling Street, Fortune Building