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Business Model
Qingcai garment fabric dressing Co., Ltd. is a professional dressing enterprise engaged in color fixing for many years. The company is located in Jiangyin, Wuxi, which is known as "national garment production base"
Our company can serve any enterprise related to clothing and textile, including woven / knitted garment factory, dyeing plant, embroidery factory, printing factory, silk factory, sand washing factory, fabric supplier, etc.
Our company undertakes the following businesses:
1. After the fashion is finished, it is found that there are color differences between left and right pieces, edge middle color difference, yin and Yang color difference, washing color difference, straight stripe mark, exposed white, white spot, black and white stripe, sand track, poor printing and dyeing and other color problems between front and back placket, collar angle, sleeve, pants piece and other parts.
2. The fabric itself has serious color difference or red spot / yellow spot / white spot / glue / stain, etc., which is difficult to do color matching treatment, or overlap color, cross color, fade, resulting in mutual dyeing pollution.
3. The color difference caused by sparse and dense paths in the manufacturing process.
4. In the water washing plant, due to the process or other factors of the washing plant, the color difference, color stripe, yin and Yang color, or all kinds of pawl marks left on the fabric after washing, black / white stripe, color stripe, yin and Yang color difference, sheet difference, sand washing marks, holes, stains that cannot be removed by ordinary spray gun water.
5. The color fastness of the fabric is not enough, and the stain found after clothing is difficult to be removed by spray gun.
6. After decontamination and cleaning, the color difference between the discoloration position and the normal color (such as white spots) caused by excessive spray pressure or the corrosiveness of spray gun water.
7. There are serious or unidentified stains on the fabric that are difficult to be washed off with spray gun water.
8. Wool / cashmere, the fabric has obvious chip difference and weaving defects (sanding, silk picking), and the fabric is of high value.
9. Fashion fabrics, leaving excess adhesive or fabric over ironing, resulting in serious Aurora phenomenon.
10. In dyeing and finishing plant, there are color differences in the head, tail and left and right sides of color fabrics produced in the same dyeing vat.
11. Color difference between thread and thread, thread and fabric caused by material or various reasons in embroidery / thread making factory.
12. Printing plant, no matter the glue / water slurry, misprints or misprints the pattern, it is necessary to completely remove the pattern; due to missed printing and printing plate problems, the missed position can be repaired.
13. Silk factory can remove the fading or yellowing caused by sunlight or long-term lighting, or the water marks left by spray gun water during decontamination. Other fabrics can be treated.
14. In the suit factory, wool fabrics are of high value and have color difference, or the aurora caused by excessive ironing, or the adhesive residue, which shows the adhesive lining.
15. Leather factory, various color differences between leather pieces. The leather surface is damaged during sewing.
16. Underwear factory, children's clothing factory, color supplement material can be used safely because it does not contain formaldehyde. It can provide safe formaldehyde free decontamination or color modification treatment, and can help remove excessive formaldehyde
Our company promises: superb technology and pure imported complementary color raw materials to provide you with first-class service. There is no formalin in the complementary material, which can be directly added to the fabric and ensure the color fastness. It is suitable for all types of fabrics such as natural / man-made chemical fiber / blended fabric.
Our company free proofing, to ensure that customers in a few hours to confirm the repair situation, and make a correct judgment. Provide high quality door-to-door service. On the price of our company will make a prudent commitment: the absolute province's lowest price! (Residence: to be discussed according to the quantity and weight of specific products)
Service tenet: to ensure quality and reputation first!
The company sincerely invites customers from all over the world to visit and hope to establish long-term and stable business cooperation and common development with friends from all walks of life.

Qingcai garment fabric finishing Co., Ltd
Contact person: Li Shicheng
Company address: 100 meters east of central farmers market, Zhouzhuang Town, Jiangyin City, Wuxi
Tel: 0510-89673177 / 0510-86237763
Mobile phone: 13961633818
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Contact:   Li Shicheng
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