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Kunming red makeup beauty, founded in 1994, has developed into an excellent women's clothing wholesale enterprise in Yunnan, with over 30 women's fashion brands, more than 2000 women's wear new styles, specialized sales team, modern management mode, fashionable women's clothing and southwest super clothing exhibition hall, with the management concept of honesty, persistence and innovation.
Here is a green fertile land for your career development.
This is the best starting point for your dreams to come true.
We are proud to be able to work hard for you. We can do your best for your success.
We can stretch our hands when you fall, and cheer loudly when you are brilliant.
We haven't done the best yet, but we will do better because we will work hard to find it.
Seek the best way!
We regard innovation and learning as a kind of happiness. We take you as our common development.
Do your hands and feet!
Once we commit ourselves, we will not lose even if we suffer.
We will do the finest one, and we will do our best every time.

This is our Kunming red makeup beauty, a company that always surpasses customer expectations.

Yunnan super large exhibition hall 1000M
Extra large stores
Address: 66, 67 and third floor, West District, Ming Tong shopping mall, Kunming

China Merchants telephone: 0871 - 35405123538572
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Contact:   COCI
Addr:   China   China   No. 66-70, Ming Tong shopping centre, Kunming