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Business Model
Pantone (Pan Tong color card) agent in mainland China. In order to thank our customers, especially Zhejiang customers for their love and support, our company has set up companies in Shanghai, Ningbo, Yiwu and Guangzhou to facilitate your contact. We will serve the purpose of the latest, fastest, best price and best service, and cooperate with more companies to develop together. Our company specializes in selling all kinds of international color cards. Among them, the PANTONE (Pan Tong) international standard color card includes 15 kinds of textile color labels and 32 kinds of art design - printing color cards. There are 47 kinds of color cards that can be applied to all walks of life, such as packaging, trade marks, fast selling goods, advertising, signboards, signs, clothing, home decoration, plastic products and other color cards.

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Contact:   Left Peng
Addr:   China   China   Room 302, unit four, 69 Wu AI new village, Yiwu