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The era of Foreign Trade Company Limited Brand
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The Time Inc at home and abroad trade king, engaged in various enterprises, manufacturers, businesses, the backlog of inventory, production, debt, auction, customs confiscated products, products of numerous content, for example: clothing, shoes, leather, cloth, garment equipment. The company in most parts of the country with agencies, funds, strong, home timely, valuation standard. Welcome people from all walks of life, extend the hand of international friendship, cooperation in wider fields, build prosperity. Distress to abandon today, tomorrow the sun more glorious and resplendent!

Tel: 13688866696 15989057390020 22253564-86422396 contact: a Jie - A Feng
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Contact:   The marketing department
Addr:   Guangdong  Guangzhou  Baiyun District of Guangzhou City Ma Gang shallow water Road No. 3 first floor