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Everbright garment factory Brand
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Everbright garment is the best Chinese garment factory. Although our scale is not large, but we in the production, has many years of design experience. We can have a good cognition and we can provide professional advice to modify the original design of the design draft. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience can meet the high demands of our customers and lower demand. We are not just a factory and supplier can provide international sales and service network. We are your indispensable suppliers and partners. Specializing in the production of

Everbright garment, fashion, wedding dresses, dress, uniforms, work clothes, silk dress, bridesmaid dress, flower girl dress skirt, Han, kimono, and women's clothing, knitting clothing, embroidery, nail bead and other clothing. Everbright garment field production, petticoat, gloves, crown, and fashion bags and non-woven bags.
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Addr:   Guangdong  Foshan  Chancheng City, Foshan Po Yang North Lane 5