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Changsha small Witch Enterprise Management Consulting Co. Ltd. is a small Witch denim brand in the mainland market Chinese core business department, the domestic production base is located in the fashion capital - Guangzhou. "LWD small Witch Cowboy" brand is a Hongkong magic card clothing group company under the flagship brand. "LWD" is "Little Witch Denim a small Witch Cowboy" English abbreviation. The little witch brand clothing into the international fashion cowboy style, to the development of Korean clothing primarily, has become the domestic and foreign, Hong Kong and Macao brands. "Integrity and development, create win win win" is the little witch cowboy clothing business philosophy, customer demand as the guidance, to the quality of witnesses to the benefits, in good faith to win the reputation. Brand operation system

Hongkong magic card clothing group set design, development, production, sales as one, with the chain management mode based on the development of the distribution of the store, the implementation of brand promotion, marketing, terminal planning, target management, performance management and other support for the operation of the market. Changsha small Witch enterprise management consulting company limited to undertake the magic brand fashion group in the mainland market of the whole operation matters, with "good faith management, perfecting the management" to win the vast number of consumers and dealers alike.
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