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Zhongshan COFCO Trade Development Co. Ltd. Brand
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Zhongshan COFCO Trade Development Co. Ltd. is a not only engaged in trading activities, are also engaged in participation in commodity production company, which was established in 1988, won the national Ministry of foreign trade and Economic Cooperation approval obtained the right to operate import and export in 2000. Mainly engaged in various types of household electrical appliances, bags, footwear, clothing, gloves, electronic products and plastic, hardware etc.. Every year, our import and export trade volume of over a hundred million dollars. Over the years, the company in line with quality service, people-oriented management philosophy, to provide quality products and services for domestic and foreign buyers. Zhongshan Foreign Trade Development Co., Ltd. COFCO wholeheartedly hope to be your excellent partner.

note: luggage department is Division I in state period of classification, now only as a name other departments within the company and the difference between you.
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Addr:   Guangdong  Zhongshan  Guangdong Province Zhongshan Zhongshan Shiqi District Two Road No. 36