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With the continuous improvement of living standards, people's life and the pursuit of fashion culture and the personalized requirements of the rising, underwear as human "second skin" is to create "from the inside to the outside of the" fashion, beauty in his eyes and heart Yue's request, "lingerie" emerged.

Guangzhou "hhhk" sexy underwear factory as a special lingerie manufacturer, has a unique and innovative business philosophy, strong technical force and advanced imported equipment, its lingerie has occupied a certain market share in domestic and international, to further expand domestic and international markets, the company to create a "hhhk" this new brand. "Hhhk" to further strengthen the brand awareness, the use of database marketing mode, take regional protection policies strictly, with excellent quality and market to accept absolute brand low price cut the huge profit space to the agents and distribution stores, to train a group of loyal and potential customer network as its mission, and the establishment of a good brand reputation.

company's main departments: design department, production department, marketing department, at present, can design and produce hundreds of sexy underwear, in addition to the international market of export orders, the company has recently stepped up efforts to expand the domestic underwear market, and successfully formed its own sales network, in the industry has a good word of mouth.

, with the Oriental people's unique aesthetic concept, is constantly exploring and enterprising, interpreting the fashion trend of "sexy underwear", and will gradually become the leader in the same industry, with the trend of representation and authority.
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