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Nanhai District, Foshan City, Yan Sui, salt, roadside, Cang Cang Cang Jiao beauty    No Member

Nanhai District, Foshan City, Yan Sui, salt, roadside, Cang Cang Cang Jiao beauty Brand
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QIANJIAOLIREN, fashion and noble pronoun. Founded in 1983, the famous French fashion designer MICHEAL KIRS called it "the most understanding of women's inner needs" underwear brand".

eclectic magic, fashion and gorgeous noble, has always been "fiber charming beauty" the most typical style. "Delicate beauty" emphasizes the unity and antagonism of the human body and clothes, and creates a unique personality, taste and style. It demands a high degree of design, cloth, lace, cut and so on. Each of its products is so ornate and elegant that it is so comfortable and lightweight.

brand founder LOVIS LEROY (Louis Laura) is the French royal family descendants, inherited the family profound nobility and artistic details, in early 1980s, LEROY began his own career in fashion design. She started to just for family communication circle in need of some members of the design personality and elegant and comfortable clothing, later in the circle of growing fame, in 1983 LEROY established his own clothing brand: "Xianjiao beauty" (QIANJIAOLIREN). Since the initial stage of LEROY's establishment, all of them have been adhering to the principle of service only for the distinguished and demanding people, and the implementation of "one to one" personal service, so the brand has always been popular in the upper level. At the beginning of the

21 century, LEROY began to re adjust the brand management strategy, fully entered the mid-range clothing market, and began to carry out large-scale production, launched a number of innovative and unique products, as in the past to lead the female consumer front walk in fashion.
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