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 Fuzhou water bottle Fashion Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
The company has 80 flat cars and a total of 160 employees. It was founded in 1998, and specialized in processing incoming materials in the early part of the year. In November 8, 2005, the water bottle clothing was invested in creating the water bottle heart Garments Co., Ltd. based on its confidence in the future development of China's clothing industry, and is developing and producing "brand of water bottles" brand clothing.

"Bottle heart": "water bottle" means trendy, fashionable and youthful vigor. "Heart" means that we manage with our heart and satisfy the psychological needs of our customers. "Bottle heart" will uphold the core value of "trendy, high quality and substantial benefits", and regard the style and quality of products as eternal pursuit.
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Addr:   Fujian   Fuzhou   Fuhui new village, 141 Fuxin East Road, Jinan District, Fuzhou, Fujian